Round FryerRound FryerRound Fryer
Round FryerRound FryerRound Fryer

Round Fryer

Automatic temperature control: 0-300℃.

Heating type: gas, electric, Electromagnetic.

Capacity: Up to 50kg/batch and offer customized service.

Material: Snacks, peanut, etc.


Round frying machine is used for frying all kinds of snacks, such as potato chips, french fries, fried chicken, puffy food and so on. The capacity is up to 50kg/batch. We can offer customized service for your needs.

Video of snacks round frying machine 

Product advantage :

1. Full-automatic: Automatic discharge, automatic feeding and automatic stirring (optional)

2. Automatic temperature control: 0-300℃

3. Heating type: gas, electric. Electromagnetic

4. Planetary stirring device, the vertical shaft rotating speed is 10rpm, horizontal pedal rotating speed is 30rpm.

5. There are wheels on the bottom of the machine, so it is easy to move.

Detailed :

Control panel / discharging motor/ stirring motor/ planetary stirring system / high strength beaning

Zhucheng Yazhong Food Machinery Co., Ltd.

application :

1. This fryer is a batch fryer. And it is suitable for frying all kinds for snack, meat and vegetable products.

2. It can be used on vegetables, fruit and some kind of meat, sea food, murukku, chakli, kurkure, cheetos etc.

Zhucheng Yazhong Food Machinery Co., Ltd.

Performance Parameter
Model Dimension (mm) Weight (kg) Power (kw) electricity heating Capacity (kg/batch)
YZYG1000 1400*1200*1600 300kg 36kw 20kg
YZYG1200 1600*1300*1650 400kg 48kw 30kg
YZYG1500 1900*1600*1700 580kg 60kw 50kg
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