Potato washing machinePotato washing machinePotato washing machine
Potato washing machinePotato washing machinePotato washing machine

Potato washing machine

Capacity: 50kg/h-500kg/h
Raw material: root vegetables such as potato, sweet potato, taro, radish, root beet, etc.
Potato cleaning and peeling machine (hair roller cleaning machine)Feature:  98%rate after using potato peel removing machine.
Potato cleaning rate 100%

Vegetable Cleaning Machine For Potato/Hair Roller Cleaning Machine

Potato washing and peeling machine/potato peel removing machine/ ginger cleaning peeling machine

The brush roller cleaning and peeling machine is designed according to the urgent needs of the vegetable and fruit food processing industry.

Product advantage :

1. It is suitable for kinds of fruit, root vegetable, shellfish, seafood, fish scaling and animal organs washing, etc.

2. High quality 304 stainless steel ans 9 psc roller brush.

3. It can dry clean and wet clean, with flexible spray nozzle.

4. 98% peeling rate after using potato peel removing machine.

5. Customized services. For example, we can add adjustable washing speed device, extra water tray, etc.
For fresh potatoes, we always use 9 brush rollers.
For old potatoes, to peel thoroughly, we use 5 brush rollers+4 emery rollers.
For thin peel potatoes or carrots, we have soft brushes for washing meanwhile polishing purpose.
For Gingers, we also have special brushes.

Video of root vegetable peeling machine

Detailed :

1. The main parts is made of high quality stainless steel which is sanitary and durable.

2. Brush roll making of nylon rope,which is a light wearable material.

3. Dirt and sediment are removed with circulation of water.

4. It can work continuously.

Detailed description

1. Transmission part

2. Outlet Manual control of discharge after working and it is easy to operate.

3. Moving wheels and easy to move

4. Spraying nozzle. Spray direction id adjustable

5. Water inlet

6. Different size and shape roller

Zhucheng Yazhong Food Machinery Co., Ltd.


The machine can be used in multiple places: snack food factory, flour mill, dairy products factory, etc.

1. Used for peeling many kinds of food, slice and cut into strips with uniform thickness.

2. Raw material: vegetable and fruit, sweet potatoes, cassava, onion, radishes, ginger, bamboo shoots, peanuts, mustard, peach, etc.

Zhucheng Yazhong Food Machinery Co., Ltd.

Performance Parameter
Model Machine size Power Roller length Capacity
YZMG600 1000*850*800mm 1.1kw 600mm 300-500kg/h
YZMG800 1200*850*800mm 1.1kw 800mm 500-800kg/h
YZMG1000 1600*850*800mm 1.5kw 1000mm 800-1000kg/h
YZMG1200 1800*850*800mm 1.5kw 1200mm 1000-1200kg/h
YZMG1500 2100*850*800mm 2.2kw 1500mm 1200-1500kg/h
YZMG1800 2400*850*800mm 2.2kw 1800mm 1500-1800kg/h
YZMG2000 2600*850*800mm 3kw 2000mm 1800-2000kg/h

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