Food Freezing MachineFood Freezing MachineFood Freezing Machine
Food Freezing MachineFood Freezing MachineFood Freezing Machine

Food Freezing Machine

Capacity: 200kg/h -500kg/h

Material: meat, french fries, seafood, vegetable, pea etc.


Food freezing line is a kind of fully automatic freezing machine to freeze vegetables and fruit easily and quickly. The capacity of freezing machine reaches to 500kg/h. We also offer customized service for your needs. 

Video of 500kg Fluidized quick freezing machine

Product Advantage :

1. The entire belt, mesh belt vibration to ensure that the frozen goods and frozen goods, frozen goods and no adhesion between mesh belt, so as to truly achieve monomer freeze.

2. Library board adopts double stainless steel sandwich polyurethane insulation board,insulation performance is good.

3. Frozen zone within the frame structure, support, air duct plate, mesh belt, big water pans,guide rail and other parts adopt food-grade wire drawing of stainless steel 304 (except for motor and reducer) easy to clean,achieve the HACCP requirements.

4. Mesh belt running speed controlled by Germany's Siemens inverter, frozen goods frozen time can be adjusted.

5. Driving device adopts Siemens dual high-quality reducer, good quality and stable operation.

6. The fuselage is made of high- quality stainless steel with anti-rust paint, durable.

7. High power motor to ensure production efficiency, power saving and durable to ensure production quality.

8. The conveyor belt is made of food grade 304 stainless steel, the surface of the net is flat, the mesh is fine, avoid the product falling from the mesh, ensure the hygiene requirements.

9. The total width of 2000mm, placed area for 30 square meters, fully meet the 500kg/h yield requirements.


1. It is suitable for all kinds of vegetables, fruit, meat, fish, seafood, etc.

2. We can use it in food process plant.

Performance Parameter


Frozen products  Dimension freezing time evaporating temperature Freeze the amount Input temperature Output temperature
Stainless steel 304 French fries, Vegetable, Fruits 15000mm×3200mm×2400mm 16500mm×3600mm×2400mm Adjustable -42℃ 500 kg/h <20 degree celsius <-18 degree celsius
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